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oasis of culinary delight
ChinChin Quan Ju De

Genuine chinese-cuisine restaurant at 32, Vase Pelagića street, with it's beautiful environment - quiet murmur of water, the greenery of grass and trees - truly represents oasis for your heart, mind and soul.

Colorful lanterns and unforgettable interior, cosy atmosphere and remarkable service, followed by music of classic chinese instruments, be it birthday party or a friendly gathering, romantic meal or business arrangement, will make time spent even more enjoyable leaving indelible impressions afterwards.

Ambudant experience of our chefs acquired by learning from some of the most recognized cuisine masters and through lenghty self perfecting, followed by non-stop quality improvement, will contribute to pleasing your senses and desires.

For instance, authentically prepared Quan ju de Chicken meat, as well as many of our other home-cooked meals, provide an unique opportunity for our guests to feel exquisite culinary charms of this far away land right here, in Serbia.